Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW NACDI blog-Defining the Indian 21st Century

The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) Blog was created as a open community venue for communication, discussion and exploration around our organizational tag line, "Defining the Indian 21st Century."  This catchy phrase implies a sense of future, place and ownership in Indian Country. However, it also leaves one with a myriad of questions and thoughts as to what is the "future" .  This blog is interested in provoking and hearing your thoughts and ideas about "Defining the Indian 21st Century". For example,  What forces are defining the American Indian 21st Century?  Who is defining the Indian 21st Century?  What do Indian people want to see in the next 100 years?  What type of communities do Indian people want to live in over the next 100 years?  What is the Indian Community?  Who is the Indian Community?  What should we be investing in and doing to ensure strong and viable tribal communities and nations- urban and reservation?  And the questions go on and on.  

This forum is also open to other related topics and interests that you would like to write about. Please feel free to post your commentary anytime.  

We live in a very interesting time that is going to require indigenous people to be very thoughtful, reflective and deliberative with their decisions, investments and actions.  The rate of today's global change hoists immense pressure on our Tribal Nations and urban American Indian communities and members.  This requires us to be effective and innovative communicators and solution makers (not just problem solvers).  We need to strengthen our communication efforts and to discuss important issues more openly and on a more regular basis.  While we may be more tech-connected then ever, many of us(particularly our young people) have become increasingly disconnected from their tribes, communities, families, customs, etc.  Such disunity allows alternative and often opposing forces and ownership to define and control our future.  While there will always be disagreements, alternative views and opposing ideas in Indian Country, we must remain committed to our collective indigenous preservation and sense of place and future in this world.  We have much to offer!

I look forward to all blog comments and contributors.  We will use this diary of thought to help inform NACDI's community development projects and investments.  

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NACDI said...

Yes, we need more opportunities to discuss and and learn from each other...even if it is a blog.